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Serviced Storage vs. Self-Storage: What storage do I need?

Updated: May 15

Skip the packing!  Serviced storage takes the hassle out of moving by offering professional packing and management of your belongings. Unlike self-storage, where you do the legwork, serviced storage lets you focus on other things while experienced movers handle everything.

When it comes to storing your family’s belongings, or your business’ stock, the choices can be overwhelming. You can either go with the DIY route of self-storage, or opt for the full-service convenience of serviced storage.

Let's break down the key differences, benefits, and costs to help you make an informed decision about which storage type suits your needs best.

At Denix Moving, we’re proud to partner with Storage King to offer you the best full-service storage in London. 

Serviced Storage: The Full-Service Advantage

We Do All the Legwork

At Denix Moving, we take the hassle out of storage. With our serviced storage option, we handle every step of the process, from packing your items safely and securely,  transporting them to storage, to the safe and timely delivery back to you. Say goodbye to the heavy lifting – we've got it covered.

Award-Winning Service

When you choose serviced storage with us, you're choosing a level of service that goes above and beyond. Be that the countless rave reviews from our happy clients or the fact we were named the Best Domestic Removals Service in London 2023 at the SME Greater London Enterprise Awards.

Trusted London Storage Business

For years, we've been the go-to full storage solution for many residential and business customers in and around London. Your belongings are safe with us, backed by the reliability and trustworthiness of our friendly team of experts.

Professional Storage Experts

Our team of professional storage experts understand the intricacies of protecting and packing your items up securely. Plus you can trust our team of ‘tetris masters’ to pack your storage unit more efficiently, ultimately saving you money.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Quality storage doesn't have to break the bank. Our pricing starts at just £3 per square foot, making serviced storage an affordable and efficient option for individuals and businesses alike.

The Comparison: Serviced Storage vs. Self-Storage


Serviced Storage


Legwork & Convenience

We do all the legwork for you. Pick up and delivery included.

DIY – You handle the transport and loading/unloading.

Packing Efficiency

Professionals pack your storage unit effectively, potentially lowering costs.

You're in charge of packing, with the associated time and effort of packing, travel and unloading.

Security & Trust

Award-winning, trusted London storage business using highly secure facilities provided by Storage King.

Security varies, and trust relies on your chosen facility.


Professional storage experts handle your belongings to a minimum.

You manage the storage process without professional guidance.


Starts at just £3 per sq. ft., with no hidden fees.

Costs may vary, with potential additional fees and charges.

Which Option Is Right for You?

Choose Serviced Storage If...

  • You prefer a hands-off approach and want professionals to handle the logistics.

  • Time is of the essence, and you need a convenient pickup and delivery service.

  • Packing efficiently by professionals is appealing to you, potentially reducing overall costs and reducing any unintended damage.

  • You haven’t got access to a vehicle that can transport your belongings to a storage facility.

  • You prioritise security and trust in an award-winning storage service.

Choose Self-Storage If...

  • You enjoy hands-on involvement in the storage process and don't mind the legwork.

  • Flexibility in accessing your storage unit at any time is crucial.

  • You're comfortable with the packing process and have the time to do it yourself.

  • Cost is a significant factor, and you're willing to trade some convenience for a potentially lower price.

Making the Right Choice for You

In the end, the choice between serviced storage and self-storage boils down to your preferences, priorities, and budget. If the thought of a hassle-free experience, expert handling, and award-winning service appeal to you, serviced storage with Denix Moving is your answer. On the other hand, if you value hands-on control and flexibility in exchange for some DIY effort, self-storage might be the perfect fit. Then for this, we’d recommend Storage King

Contact us today to discuss your storage needs and discover the effective convenience of serviced storage. 

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