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Business Storage

Your Secure, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Solution


Our award-winning service, combined with a reputation as a trusted London business, ensures professional expertise and cost-effective solutions for all your commercial storage needs.

Our storage services are offered in partnership with Storage King

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Business storage service areas:

At Denix Moving, we offer a comprehensive range of business storage services to cater to your company’s specific needs:


Temporary storage: Ideal for businesses undergoing office moves, renovations, or requiring short-term storage for stock or equipment.


Long-term storage: Securely store your assets, stock, or equipment for extended durations with our long-term storage solutions.


Seasonal storage: Businesses with seasonal inventory fluctuations can benefit from seasonal storage solutions, ensuring that you have ample space during peak times.


Stock storage: Our facilities can accommodate your stock storage requirements, offering safe and organised solutions for your inventory.


Office furniture storage: Store office furniture and equipment you no longer need for immediate use while preserving their condition.


Specialist storage: We provide specialised storage for unique business requirements, including sensitive items, equipment, or exhibition materials.

Data or records storage: Safeguard your sensitive documents and data with our secure data and records storage solutions, complying with data protection standards.

Businesses We've Worked With

We collect and deliver - minimise business disruption


When you choose Denix Moving for your business storage needs, you benefit from a convenient service that minimises business disruption. We'll collect your belongings from your location, ensuring they are properly packed and secured for storage.


When you need to access your assets, we'll deliver them promptly, ensuring a seamless and worry-free process.

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Why choose Denix Moving for your commercial storage needs

Award-winning service: Our commitment to excellence has garnered us awards, underlining our dedication to delivering top-tier storage solutions for businesses.


Trusted London business: With deep roots in London, we have earned the trust of the local business community. You can rely on us to safeguard your assets and information.


Professional experts: Our team comprises professional experts who understand the specific demands of business storage. You'll benefit from their knowledge and attention to detail.

Cost-effective solutions: Our commercial storage services are designed to be cost-effective, ensuring that you receive maximum value for your investment.

Benefits of commercial storage services


Safety and security: Our storage facilities are equipped with 24 hour security provision, ensuring your assets and sensitive documents are kept safe and secure.


Liberate office space: Business storage services are designed to free up limited office space, allowing for a more organised and efficient workspace.

Store sensitive items or documents: Our facilities provide a secure environment for storing sensitive business assets, documents, and data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

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Business storage costs from just £3 per square foot

Our pricing is designed to be transparent and cost-effective. Business storage starts from just £3 per square foot.


Contact us to request a quote tailored to your specific business storage requirements, and you'll discover that our rates offer exceptional value.


Safeguard your business assets today


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you safeguard your assets and information, providing you with the space and peace of mind you need to focus on your business success.

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