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14 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Removal Company

Moving to a new home marks an exciting transition, but it can also be a source of stress. The logistical complexities of packing up your life and transporting your possessions can be overwhelming. Partnering with a reliable and professional removal company can ease this burden, ensuring a smooth and successful move.

Choosing the right removal company isn't as simple as comparing prices. Asking informed questions upfront helps you find a service provider that meets your specific needs and provides peace of mind.

Is My Move Protected?

One of the most important considerations is ensuring your belongings are financially protected throughout the move. Here's what to ask your potential removal company:

  • Insurance Coverage: Inquire about the types of insurance they hold. Goods in Transit insurance protects your possessions during transportation, while Public Liability insurance covers accidental damage to property or third-party injuries. Ask for proof of insurance and carefully examine the policy's coverage limits, especially for high-value items. You might consider acquiring additional removals insurance for peace of mind.

  • Compensation for Damages: Understand their process for handling damaged or lost items. Ask about their claims procedure, the required documentation, and their typical compensation policies. Knowing this information beforehand provides reassurance in the unlikely event of any mishaps.

How Will You Handle the Logistics?

Careful planning is essential for a well-organised and efficient move. Here are key logistical questions to address:

  • The Home Removals Survey: Discuss the purpose and benefits of an on-site survey. This allows the removal company to accurately assess the volume of your belongings, potential access challenges, and any special requirements for your move. A detailed survey leads to a more accurate quote and minimises surprises on moving day.

  • Items You Won't Transport: Most removal companies have a standard list of items they will not transport due to safety or legal reasons. This commonly includes hazardous materials like flammable liquids, perishable foods, and certain plants. Ask for this list in advance so you can dispose of these items responsibly prior to your moving date.

Are Your Movers Skilled Professionals?

Experienced and well-trained movers play a vital role in ensuring the safe transport of your belongings. Consider asking these questions:

  • Staff Training: Inquire about their staff training programs and commitment to staying up-to-date with safe and efficient moving techniques.

  • Industry Affiliations: Ask if they are members of any regulatory bodies, such as the British Association of Removers (BAR) or the Association of Independent Movers (AIM). Companies that adhere to industry standards offer an added layer of consumer protection.

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What Additional Services Do You Provide?

Beyond the basic task of transporting your belongings, many removal companies offer a range of add-on services. Here's what to consider:

  • Packing and Unpacking: If you're short on time or simply want to reduce stress, ask if the company offers packing and unpacking services. Discuss these services and how they factor into the overall cost of your move.

  • Storage: Inquire about storage options if you need a place to temporarily house some of your belongings during your transition.

  • Speciality Item Handling: If you're moving fragile or awkwardly shaped items like pianos, artwork, or antiques, ask about the company's expertise and safety protocols for handling them.

How Much Will This Cost (And Are There Hidden Fees?)

Transparency in pricing is essential to avoid unexpected costs on your moving day. Here's what to ask to get a clear picture:

  • What's Included in the Quote: Detail what should (and shouldn't) be included in a comprehensive quote. This typically includes transportation, labour, fuel, basic insurance coverage, etc. Clarify any additional charges that might apply in specific circumstances.

  • Payment Terms: Ask about payment timelines, accepted methods of payment, and any required deposits.

  • Potential Extra Charges: Explore potential scenarios that could result in additional fees, such as delays due to unforeseen circumstances, waiting time if you aren't ready for the movers, or extra charges for stairs or long distances.

What Happens If Plans Change?

Even the best-laid plans can be disrupted. Understanding a removal company's flexibility lets you anticipate potential issues. Ask the following:

  • Cancellation Policy: Be aware of their cancellation policy and associated fees in case unexpected circumstances force you to change your moving date. Discuss their flexibility in rescheduling, especially considering the possibility of delays in property transactions, a common reason for needing to adjust moving plans.

  • Weather Preparedness: Ask how they handle adverse weather conditions and how they safeguard your belongings. While reputable companies are unlikely to cancel a job unless absolutely necessary, understanding their protocols offers reassurance.

Do You Have Specific Experience for My Type of Move?

Not all moves are created equal. If you have specific requirements, it's wise to find a company that has relevant expertise.

  • Office Relocations: If moving an office, discuss their experience in commercial relocations. Inquire about their expertise in handling specialised equipment, minimising downtime for your business, and navigating any logistical constraints posed by your office building.

  • Fragile Items: If moving items like artwork, pianos, or antiques, ask about their experience handling these with care. Discuss their use of special packing materials, lifting equipment, and transportation protocols to protect valuable and delicate items.

  • International Moves: For cross-border moves, discuss their knowledge of customs regulations, necessary paperwork, and international shipping logistics. A company experienced in international removals can streamline the process and minimise unexpected hurdles.

What is Your Claims Process?

While insurance offers protection, it's essential to understand how to file a claim should damage or loss occur. Here's what to ask:

  • The Process: Ask about the steps involved in filing a claim, including the required documentation, timelines for submitting claims, and how long the resolution process typically takes.

How Do You Handle Difficult Access Situations?

Access restrictions can pose challenges during a move. Inquire about the following:

  • Experience: Ask if they've dealt with similar access challenges in the past, such as narrow streets, limited parking, multiple flights of stairs, or other restrictions specific to your location.

  • Solutions: Discuss the solutions they have in place, such as smaller vans, specialised lifting equipment, or strategies for manoeuvring items in tight spaces.

  • Fees: Clarify if there will be additional charges for difficult access situations.

Can You Provide Customer References?

Testimonials and reviews offer valuable insights into a company's reputation. Here's what to do:

  • References: Ask if they can provide testimonials or references from previous customers, ideally those who had moves similar to yours.

  • Online Reviews: Consider checking online reviews and ratings from independent sources like Trustpilot or Google Reviews for additional insights into their customer service.

What Are Your Environmental Practices?

Inquire about the company's commitment to sustainability and choose a service provider that aligns with your values. Consider asking about:

  • Fuel-efficient vehicles

  • Reusable packing materials

  • Recycling programs

What Happens If There's a Dispute?

While unlikely, it's wise to understand the process for resolving disputes.

  • Discuss their internal dispute resolution process.

  • Ask if they are members of an ombudsman service or other mediation scheme that provides an impartial resolution process.

Do You Offer Any Additional Tips for a Smooth Move?

Experienced removal companies have a wealth of knowledge about making moves less stressful. Ask for advice on:

  • Packing strategies for efficiency and protection of belongings

  • Labelling boxes clearly to streamline unpacking

  • Any other insider tips to make your moving day easier

Choosing a removal company requires more than just finding the lowest price. By asking these essential questions, you can find a company that provides reliable service, protects your belongings, and minimises the stress associated with moving. Proactive communication, upfront clarification, and selecting a company that aligns with your needs will set the stage for a successful and stress-free transition into your new home.

Ready to experience a seamless London removal? Get in touch with Denix Moving for a personalised quote and expert moving services. Or simply book online now using our simple system. We're committed to making your transition to your new home stress-free. Contact us today to learn more!

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