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A Complete Guide on Storage for House Moves

Updated: Apr 19

When you're moving house, there's a lot to consider. One major decision you may face is where to store your belongings during the transition. You've got two main options: use a self-storage facility, or opt for a removal company that provides its own storage.

Choosing a removal company with storage can simplify the process. It's a one-stop-shop solution, keeping responsibility and control in one place. This not only keeps things running smoothly but also minimises your costs. You can manage your move dates and storage rental together, avoiding paying for storage time you don't need.

Storage Services for Home Moves

One compelling reason to consider a storage and removal company is the streamlined process they offer. Instead of scrambling to pack everything in a limited timeline, this option gives you the freedom to decide which items will make the cut to your new home.

Here at Denix Moving, we are not just about moving your belongings. Our team of experts understand the nuts and bolts of a house move and offer additional services that can take the stress out of the situation. From selling a range of professional packing materials to offering packing services, we aim to provide a ‘one-stop solution’.

Benefits of Using Moving House Storage

Engaging the services of a storage and moving company like Denix Moving can streamline your moving journey.  We manage the arduous tasks involved in moving, ensuring the safety of your belongings. 

Using storage allows you to take control over what you take to your new home. This aids in simplifying the moving process by breaking it down into stages and adding a layer of calm. 

Using storage to stage your house for sale is an effective way to boost your chances of finding buyers quicker. When putting up your house for sale, presenting a clutter-free environment allows potential buyers to visualise the property's full potential. 

Moreover, should an unexpected hiccup arise on moving day, temporary storage give you the room and time to wait for a new completion date, in other words, it could be a brilliant plan b option for you and your family. 

Lastly, if your new home requires some tender loving care before move-in, storage services allow you the luxury of decorating in space without the worry of damaging furniture and belongings.

Why use a Storage and Moving Company?

You might find yourself ‘between houses’

There's a chance you're not moving directly to your new home and need temporary storage for your goods in the interim. The moving process can be difficult to sync up, but the use of storage in between house moves can widen your options.

Benefit from the convenience of using one company for both moving and storage rather than juggling between two separate entities — a storage company and a removal one. Coordinating the moving and storing processes with our team at Denix Moving ensures responsibility and control remain in one place, keeping everything in check and subsequently minimising costs. No more blame-passing if anything goes wrong or gets damaged!

There's an unplanned problem on moving day

While moving house, timing can be precarious. It doesn't always go as planned, especially if a chain and mortgage approvals are involved. An unexpected hitch can turn things upside down. 

If a major problem arises, you have the option of packing your essentials and temporarily residing in a hotel or with family until any moving issue is resolved, safe in the knowledge your belongings are secured.

How? A practical Plan B involves making use of our storage services. Here, you can securely store almost everything until you're ready to relocate to your new home. 

3. Your new home needs some TLC

Doing renovations or redecorations in your new home to make it feel like 'home' is a common undertaking after moving. Be it knocking down walls, repurposing rooms, painting walls, or fitting new carpets, decluttering can simplify these tasks.

Temporary storage shines in this scenario. You can take the essentials to your new home and practically store everything else. Protect your belongings from the dust and debris of renovations by storing them in a storage facility. 

Our team can then deliver your items once you're ready and you’ll find everything in the same condition as you had left them, saving both your time and your possessions from potential harm.

Whether you're caught in the whirlwind of sorting, packing, and signing contracts, or you're figuring utilities and registering your new address, the tasks can seem endless and overwhelming. 

Ease off some pressure with a storage facility, and reap the benefits of simplicity, organisation, and peace of mind in your home moving journey.

A step-by-step guide to storage with a removal company

The moving process can be a big task, especially when it includes storing your goods in between house moves. The task is however manageable if you opt to go for the convenience of a removal company that provides its own storage services. Here's the process.

Getting a Pre-move Survey and Removals & Storage Quote

Firstly, get a pre-move survey done by the removal and storage company. During this survey, our experts will assess the amount of storage space you'll need. This usually involves a trained surveyor visiting your house, a video call or a full inventory being provided to take stock of the items to be moved and stored. 

By visualising your belongings, we’ll be able to make an accurate estimation of the storage size required.

We'll assess your requirement and guide you to the most suitable solution, considering factors like the volume of goods, potential cost implications and your eventual retrieval plan.

Once our experts have analysed your storage needs, you will receive a quote. This quote will be influenced by factors such as:

-   The storage space required

-   The location of your new home from your old property

-   The duration of storage

Plan Ahead of Moving Day

Remember, planning ahead with your removal company will help ensure a smooth moving day.

You should also ask about any additional services the company might offer, such as packing. While many removal companies provide packing services, it might be worth considering doing your own packing. It can save you money, but there are things you'll need to weigh up. 

Reflect on the type and quantity of your items, your available time to pack and the duration your items will be in storage before choosing the best option for your situation.

In all these, don't forget to keep tabs on high-value or fragile items and note any large furniture that might need specialist handling. 

Top Tips for moving house with storage

So, you've seen how using storage services can significantly simplify your house move. 

It's not just about stashing stuff away, it's about making smart decisions on what to bring to your new home. Use a move to declutter and donate things to charity or sell items online or via car boot sales.

Remember, removal companies can provide more than just storage – they're your one-stop-shop for packing materials, specialist vehicles and equipment and even packing services. 

Don't forget to get a pre-move survey and quote, and choose the storage solution that suits your needs. Plan ahead, keep track of your valuable or delicate items and consider specialist handling for large furniture.

With the right preparation and the right storage service, your move can be smooth and efficient. You're not just moving house, you're starting a new chapter. Make it the best it can be with the help of Denix Moving's storage services.

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