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Best Places to Live in West London - Top Areas Guide

Updated: Jun 18

Did you know West London is home to over 20% of the city's top earners? It's a place that mixes luxury meets charm. With a rich culture and peaceful riverside views, living here brings relaxation and good connections.

Here at Denix Moving, We've moved hundreds of people to their new homes and these stand out as the top choices, let’s check out the different districts that make West London a perfect place for so many.

Key Takeaways

  • West London is renowned for its affluent neighbourhoods and stunning beauty.

  • Diverse communities offer a mix of cultural richness and serene riverside views.

  • Top residential areas in West London cater to various lifestyle preferences.

  • Prime locations provide relaxation, dining, culture, and excellent connectivity.

  • West London living is ideal for both renters and homeowners seeking a vibrant yet peaceful environment.

Kensington: Luxury Living and Historic Charm

Kensington is well-known for its luxury and history. It offers a mix of high living and rich culture. People visit to see the best that London offers.

Iconic Landmarks and Cultural Attractions

It has key city landmarks and history. You can visit Kensington Palace and saw its history. Or, see art and science at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum. These places show Kensington is not just for living but a place of culture and history.

Upscale Dining and Shopping

Looking for great food in Kensington? You can find it easily. Top places like Kitchen W8 and Belvedere are nearby. For shopping, there are small shops on Kensington High Street and the big Harrods in Knightsbridge.

Transport Links and Accessibility

Kensington is easy to get around. It has many Tube stations like High Street Kensington and South Kensington. Trains like Circle and District Lines are close. This makes Kensington great for a busy, modern life.



Cultural Landmarks

Kensington Palace, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum


Kitchen W8, The Belvedere


Kensington High Street, Harrods

Transport Links

Circle, District, and Piccadilly lines; stations including High Street Kensington, Gloucester Road, and South Kensington

Fulham: Riverside Living with Suburban Vibe

Fulham mixes quiet suburban life with lively riverside living. It’s perfect for families and professionals. Being close to Chelsea, it offers diverse dining and shops. These things make Fulham special:

Tranquil Green Spaces

Fulham has many well-kept green areas for fun and relaxation. Bishops Park sits by the Thames, with lovely views and activities like tennis. Fulham Palace Gardens is rich in history and greenery. These spots keep the balance between the city and nature in Fulham.

Gastro Pubs and Cafés

Food lovers enjoy dining in Fulham, especially at places like the Harwood Arms. This Michelin-starred pub gives a great taste of British food. Megan's by the Green is great for casual meals and coffee, while Vagabond’s wines delight wine lovers. Such variety and quality of eateries make Fulham's riverside living more appealing.

Community Atmosphere

Fulham thrives on a friendly community spirit, boosted by local events. Markets, fairs, and sports bring everyone together. The area’s good transport lets people easily move around London. This community vibe is a key reason families and workers love Fulham’s Riverside properties.

Hammersmith: Creative Scene and Multicultural Vibrance

Hammersmith is buzzing with energy and culture. It offers a variety of things to do, places to eat, and ways to get around. This mix attracts people from all walks of life.

Entertainment and Nightlife

The arts scene in Hammersmith is alive, with spots like Eventim Apollo and Lyric Theatre. Do you love music, plays, or comedy? You'll find it all here.

Dining by the Thames

Thames dining is a must-try in Hammersmith. The Michelin-starred River Café is a highlight. There's fine dining with amazing river views, alongside charming historic pubs.

Transport Connections

Hammersmith is a great spot for getting around. It's got lots of Tube lines, so you're always linked up. This, along with its diverse community, makes Hammersmith a top pick for many.

North Acton: Emerging Neighbourhood with Great Connections

North Acton, in West London, is quickly becoming popular for rentals. It offers great potential and superb linkages. The Central Line's easy reach to Central London suits both working professionals and students. Plus, the development of the London HS2 gives a glimpse of even better links ahead.

Living in North Acton also means enjoying many recreational spots and cultural attractions. The North Acton Playing Fields are perfect for outdoor fun and time to relax. What's more, the BBC's recording hub makes the area vibrant, attracting creative minds.

Key Features


Real Estate

Emerging market with varied rental options.


Central Line accessibility and future HS2 links.

Recreational Spaces

North Acton Playing Fields and more.

Cultural Venues

BBC recording hub and local artistic spots.

North Acton's real estate shines due to its ease of access and local perks. It's a great choice for those who value good travel options and lifestyle quality. As the London HS2 grows, North Acton will only become more appealing. So, it's a smart place to look for your next home.

Where to Live in West London: Best Areas

West London is full of unique areas to live in, each with its own special vibe. You'll find luxurious places, great for families, or budget-friendly. There's a spot in West London that's just right for you.

Upscale Districts

If you're after luxury, Kensington and Chelsea are the places to be. They are full of history and elegance, with fancy homes and exclusive shops. These areas are ideal for those who appreciate culture and style.

Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods

Richmond and Chiswick are perfect for families. They offer lots of greenery, top schools, and a strong sense of community. Homes in these areas are peaceful and close to parks, perfect for kids.

Affordable Options

Looking to save money while living in West London? Consider Ealing. It has reasonable house prices and a lively atmosphere. Ealing is a great choice for value and simple living in West London. Other choices for great yet affordable locations include Battersea and Putney.

Shepherd’s Bush: Shopping and Cultural Hub

Shepherd's Bush is an area that offers a lot. It blends the thrill of shopping with cultural delights. It is the heart of West London’s shopping, with its many shops, lively markets, and music and theatre spots.

Westfield Shopping Centre

The Westfield Shopping Centre stands out in Shepherd’s Bush. It is huge, and you can find many popular shops, luxury brands, and places to eat. If you’re looking for new fashion or want to eat something special, Westfield is where you should go


Markets and Street Food

Head to Shepherd’s Bush Market for a true local taste. It’s a lively place selling all types of street food and fresh foods. Here, you can buy anything from spices to exotic fruits. It’s a dream place for those who love food.

Live Music and Theatres

There are many cultural spots in Shepherd’s Bush. The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire shines with live music from around the world. Nearby, the Bush Theatre offers new and exciting plays in a small setting. Both places bring great joy to the audience.

Living in Shepherd’s Bush is easy because of its good transport links. This makes it simple for both locals and tourists to reach. With its unique cultural places and top places to shop, it’s a fantastic area. It’s perfect for those who want to be part of a buzzing, connected community.

Kew: Picturesque and Green Retreat

Kew sits on the River Thames, combining peaceful surroundings with vibrant community life. Explore its historic Royal Botanic Gardens or enjoy the calm river views. Kew is a top spot for unwinding and enjoying nature.

Thinking about living here? You'll find many types of homes. Kew Gardens apartments are loved for their style and beautiful surroundings.

Kew offers a mix of natural beauty and city life. It's well-connected to London and Heathrow, making travel easy. This makes daily life and trips abroad simple.

Picture this: a day in the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens and a quiet night in a local restaurant. This is the dream life in Kew, where nature meets comfort.



Natural Features

Royal Botanic Gardens, River Thames

Property Options

Kew Gardens apartments, terraced houses, detached properties

Transport Links

Kew Gardens station (District Line, Overground), proximity to Heathrow Airport

Community Highlights

Local cafes, boutiques, community events

The Kew Gardens apartments are attractive, as are many other homes in Kew. Living in this area is about peace and ease. It's where nature and the modern world combine perfectly.

Twickenham: Suburban Riverside Town

Twickenham is famous for rugby and its peaceful way of life. It sits by the Thames, blending country charm with city comfort. Here, you'll find homes with stunning river views and beautiful green areas.

Places like Marble Hill House and York House Gardens mix history with the present. They’re great for exploring. Twickenham also shines because of its local places to eat and drink. They give the town its special feeling.

Folks in Twickenham love relaxing by the Thames and shopping in the town's unique stores. The warm, welcoming vibe here makes it perfect for everyone, from families to solos. The community spirit is strong.

Being here means easy transport to London by train. It connects you to the city but lets you enjoy calm suburban life. This balance is why Twickenham is such a great place to live.




Renowned for its rugby heritage and historical landmarks.

Scenic Properties

Picturesque riverside homes with tranquil views.

Community Living

Vibrant, friendly neighbourhood with a strong sense of community.

Independent Eateries

Unique cafes and restaurants offering local flavours.

Transport Links

Direct train services to Central London, ensuring seamless travel.

Chiswick: Elegant Retreat with Countryside Feel

Nestled just outside the bustling city, Chiswick offers a tranquil escape. It marries the charm of village living with cultural wonders. With peaceful riverside homes, historic theatres, and unique shops, there's something special for all who visit.

Historic Pubs and Theatres

The area's historic pubs and theatres speak of its lively past. The famous Tabard Theatre hosts both modern and classic plays, adding a beating heart to the community. The George and Devonshire, a 17th-century pub, is a gem offering a place for a pint and chit-chat, much like traditional Chiswick.

Riverside Walks

The graceful Thames views from Chiswick's riverside are stunning. Enjoy scenic walks with Chiswick House and Gardens as your backdrop, adding an historic charm to your stroll. The area's beauty encapsulates the relaxed and welcoming essence of Chiswick.

Shopping and Dining

Chiswick's high street is alive with independent shops, cinemas, and diverse restaurants. High Road House is a place that gives modern touches to the area. From local meals to global delights, your dining experience in Chiswick will be rich and varied.



Popular Locations

Historic Pubs

Traditional settings, community vibe

The George and Devonshire, Tabard Theatre Pub

Riverside Walks

Scenic routes, historic landmarks

Chiswick House and Gardens, Thames Path

Shopping and Dining

Independent boutiques, diverse cuisines

High Road House, The Mall

Maidenhead, Slough, and Reading: Easy Commute with Elizabeth Line

Thanks to the Elizabeth Line, getting to London from nearby places is now easier. These towns near London are enjoying better transport links, making life more attractive for those who want to escape the city's busyness. Maidenhead, Slough, and Reading are among these, and each has their own special qualities.

Maidenhead: Market Town Charm

In Maidenhead, you get a lovely mix of a traditional market town and the convenience of today. This town is by the River Thames and is known for its history, schools, and green areas, perfect for families. With the Elizabeth Line, London is just a quick journey away, adding to Maidenhead's charm.

Slough: Strategic Location

Slough is strategically placed and has strong links to everywhere. It's a buzzing place with lots of businesses and different people. Major roads and trains make getting around fast. Plus, big changes to the town show it's looking to the future, making it a smart pick for homebuyers.

Reading: Vibrant Community

Reading is famous for its lively atmosphere and things to do. It's great for families and young workers, with lots of events and places to shop. The Elizabeth Line has made it even more desirable. Now, getting to London is quick and easy, making Reading a top choice to live.


Key Feature



Market Town Charm

Bucolic setting with modern amenities


Strategic Location

Strong road and rail links


Vibrant Community

Rich cultural and social life

Ready to Move to West London?

Live in West London for both city buzz and the peace of suburbs. It's famous for its rich areas, beautiful parks, and lively culture. This mix attracts people with various tastes. You may love the history of Kensington, the beauty of Fulham along the river, or the creative spirit in Hammersmith. West London has plenty for everyone.

Denix Moving is here to help with your West London removals. They offer expert services to make your move easy. Knowing West London well helps them guide you, whether you're moving to a posh area, a friendly neighbourhood, or somewhere more affordable.

Moving to West London is a lifestyle change full of convenience, culture, and community. Each area has unique things to offer, meeting different likes and needs. With professional support, moving here should be smooth. Then, you can start enjoying all West London's charms.

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