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How much does a house survey cost in 2024?

Updated: Jun 18

Expect to pay between £290 and £1,390 for a house survey in the UK in 2024. Factors like the type of survey and the property's value will influence the final cost.

Survey Type

Average Price (All Property Values)

RICS Level 1

£290 - £560

RICS Level 2

£325 - £900

RICS Valuation

£160 - £600

RICS Level 3

£630 - £1,390

Imagine pouring your life savings into your dream home, only to discover leaky roofs, crumbling foundations, or dodgy electrics after moving in.  A house survey is your shield against these nightmares. This guide will help you understand different survey options, their costs, and how they can prevent unpleasant surprises down the line.

Types of Home Surveys: Descriptions, Applications, and Costs

When choosing a home survey, it's essential to pick the right level of detail for your circumstances. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) outlines three main levels:

RICS Level 1 Survey (Condition Report)

  • Description: A basic visual assessment of your potential new home's condition. Easy-to-understand traffic light ratings indicate the urgency of potential problems.

  • Ideal for: Modern, conventional houses in visibly good condition.

  • Cost range: £290 - £560 (depending on the property's value)

  • Pros: Affordable, gives a quick overall snapshot

  • Cons: Not in-depth, unlikely to reveal hidden issues

RICS Level 2 Survey (HomeBuyer Survey)

  • Description: A more comprehensive inspection, examining visible and accessible elements of the house. Provides advice on defects, repairs, and potential future concerns.

  • Ideal for: Standard construction properties in apparently reasonable condition.

  • Cost range: £325 - £900 (depending on the property's value)

  • Pros: Offers greater insight than a Level 1, includes traffic light risk ratings, optional valuation

  • Cons: Might miss issues not easily detectable without intrusive investigation

RICS Level 3 Survey (Building Survey)

  • Description: The most detailed survey option, involving a thorough structural examination. Aimed at revealing hidden defects and providing detailed recommendations.

  • Ideal for:  Older properties, listed buildings, homes with unusual construction, or those with noticeable issues or planned renovations.

  • Cost range: £630 - £1390 (depending on the property's value)

  • Pros: Provides the most in-depth assessment, helps prevent costly surprises

  • Cons:  Most expensive, can be time-consuming

Additional Survey Considerations

RICS Valuation

  • Key Point: This is NOT a substitute for a detailed survey. Lenders require a valuation to assess a property's worth for mortgage purposes.

  • Potential Costs: Lender-provided valuations may be free or start around £75. Costs can reach £160-£600 for independent valuations.

Home Reports in Scotland

  • Key Point: Sellers in Scotland are legally required to provide potential buyers with a comprehensive Home Report.

  • Components: The Home Report includes a survey, an Energy Performance Certificate, and a property questionnaire.

  • Cost Range: £585 - £820 on average.

Factors Affecting Survey Cost

While the type of survey is the primary cost determinant, several other factors influence the final price you'll pay:


How it Affects Cost


Property Value

Higher value = Higher cost

Larger, more expensive properties take longer to survey thoroughly.


Higher cost of living areas = Higher cost

Surveyors in places like London generally charge more for their services.

Property Age and Condition

Older, more complex properties = Higher cost

Inspection may be more time-consuming if there are potential hidden problems or repairs needed.

Unique Features

Unusual construction or layout = Higher cost

Assessing non-standard buildings may require specialised knowledge and more inspection time.

Tip: When getting quotes from surveyors, ensure they include all aspects that are important to you. This will help you compare prices accurately.

FAQs for Potential Homebuyers

Are there additional costs beyond the survey?

Yes, there may be legal fees associated with conveyancing, stamp duty taxes depending on your property price, and mortgage arrangement fees. Factor these into your overall budgeting when buying a house.

What happens if the survey reveals problems?

This is where negotiation begins! You might reconsider the price, ask the seller to address issues before the sale, or decide to walk away if the risks are too high. Your surveyor can offer guidance on the severity of issues and potential repair costs.

How do I find a reputable, RICS-certified surveyor?

RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) sets professional standards. Search their directory (, or use comparison sites to get reputable recommendations.

How do I understand the survey report?

Most surveyors provide clear explanations and use systems like a 'traffic light' colour-coding to indicate the severity of issues. Ask your chosen surveyor in advance about the format of their report and how they communicate findings.

Is a House Survey Worth It?

Investing in a professional house survey before you purchase a property is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a homebuyer. While there's an upfront cost, the knowledge it provides offers these key benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: Gaining a clear understanding of a property's true condition prevents nasty surprises after you move in.

  • Negotiation Power: A thorough survey report can help secure a better price or require repairs before closing the sale.

  • Informed Budgeting: If the survey reveals necessary work, you can factor those costs into your overall home-buying plans.

Investing in a house survey is an investment in your future financial well-being.  Don't leave your dream home purchase to chance!

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