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Moving to University? Follow Our Essential Storage Tips

Moving to university is exciting but also brings the challenge of packing up. It's vital to plan and organise your move well. Make a checklist to figure out what to take like toiletries and bedding. Consider what can be left or stored elsewhere.

Get good packing materials to protect your stuff. Student self-storage is also a good idea for things you won't need all the time. This way, moving doesn't have to be too stressful. For items not coming with you right away, trusted companies like Stashed Away keep them safe and easy to get to.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a detailed checklist to prioritise essential items.

  • Invest in quality packing materials to safeguard belongings.

  • Consider using self-storage solutions for non-essential items.

  • Utilise student storage solutions to optimise space in your accommodation.

  • Organising student belongings efficiently can lead to a smoother transition.

Preparing for the Move: Essential Steps

Before you head to university, making a detailed checklist is key. It will help you plan your move well. This ensures you start university without much stress.

Creating a Checklist

A good student move checklist makes everything easier. Start by listing the things you use daily like your clothes and kitchen items. Don't forget important papers. This makes packing smart and ensures you don't forget anything essential.

Organising Essentials and Non-Essentials

Figuring out what to pack first is important. Prioritise your beddings, toiletries, and study stuff. Other things, like your summer clothes, can go in storage. This way, you'll find your room less crowded.

Investing in Sturdy Packing Materials

Get good quality moving boxes and tapes to keep your stuff safe. Pick materials that can handle the move well. Label your boxes clearly. This makes unpacking in your new room much easier.

Packing Efficiently: Tips and Tricks

To make moving easier for students, it's wise to pack things well. Put similar stuff together, like clothes or books. This makes packing and unpacking much smoother. It helps you find things quickly later on.

Using items that have more than one use is smart. For instance, a laundry basket that stores things too. Or a chair that can be folded to save space. Vacuum-pack bags also help. They make big items smaller, fitting more in your boxes.

Staying organised is a must for a tidy move. Things like over-the-door organisers save space. This keeps important items close without cluttering your room. Make sure your boxes are strong. This ensures your things stay safe during the move.

Don't forget to label your boxes well. Clearly marked boxes save time and stress later. This careful approach is key to a well-planned student move.


Efficient Packing Strategy



Use vacuum-pack bags

Maximises space


Compress with vacuum-packs

Makes transport easier


Organise by category

Simplifies unpacking

Kitchen Essentials

Group similar items

Enhances organisation


Label clearly

Facilitates quick access

Utilising Student Storage

Living in student digs can be tight, but student self-storage offers a clever fix. These units let us free up space inside by stashing away things we don't need daily. This way, we can make the most of our rooms without feeling cluttered.

Benefits of Self-Storage for Students

Student storage helps keep our rooms neat and open. We can put away seasonal clothes and bulky items like textbooks elsewhere. It also comes with security features, like cameras and special locks. This keeps our stuff safe when we're not around.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Picking the right storage spot is key. We should look at where it is, how big, how safe, and the cost. It's important to find one that's safe and close to our uni. We should also check out different sizes to match our needs and budget.

Storing Seasonal and Bulk Items

Storage is perfect for stuff we use only part of the year, like winter clothes or summer sports gear. It also helps with big items such as textbooks or extra home supplies. This way, we can keep our living areas from getting too full.

Storage Considerations



Convenient access to belongings


Appropriate space for all items


Peace of mind with surveillance and access controls


Affordable options for students on a budget

Using student storage well makes life at uni better. It keeps our spaces tidy, good for both work and relaxing.

Making the Most of Limited Space in Student Accommodation

In student digs, space is usually tight. So, it's key to use smart, compact first-year furniture and storage. Cool solutions like under-bed boxes and door organisers really help. They make sure you're not wasting any space at hand.

Space-Saving Furniture and Accessories

Getting the right furniture is the first step to room success. Look for stuff like folding desks and stackable chairs. These can give you the space you need without losing any functions. Also, furniture with extra storage means you get to keep your room tidy with ease.

Utilising Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage is top-notch for those with lots of stuff. Use boxes to keep clothes and bedding neat and hidden away. A bedside caddy? That’s perfect for your must-have items, ensuring they're in reach but out of the way.

Over-the-Door Storage Solutions

Don’t overlook over-the-door storage. It's great for shoes, toiletries, and bits and bobs. By using this space, you’ll find your room feeling much more open and less cluttered.

Optimising Desk and Wardrobe Space

Making the most of desk and wardrobe areas is essential. Shelves on your desk or above it can organise your things well. Meanwhile, in your closet, hanging shelves and drawer dividers rule for keeping stuff in its place.

Space-Saving Solution

Ideal Use


Compact Student Furniture

All rooms

Maximises floor space, multi-functional

Under-Bed Storage Accessories


Keeps seasonal items organised, out of sight

Over-the-Door Storage

Bedroom, Bathroom

Utilises vertical space, easy access

Wardrobe Organisation for Students


Maximises hanging space, keeps items orderly

Safety and Organisation Post-Move

After moving, it's key to create a routine for university life. Fitting in studies, fun, and looking after yourself is crucial. Don't forget about staying safe in your new home. Here are some pointers for a good daily plan and to keep your place tidy.

Establishing a Routine

Having a post-move routine is essential for balance and success. Organise your time for classes, study, meals, and fun. Don't forget to take breaks to avoid getting worn out. Also, plan time for exercise and relaxation. This helps you feel well and adjust to uni life better.

Keeping safe at uni is a must. Check fire safety and make sure smoke alarms work when you move in. Knowing the best way to leave in an emergency is important. Being alert and careful also keeps you safe.

Keeping Your Space Organised

A neat living space means less stress and more enjoyment. Make tidying up part of your regular routine. Tips for organising your student life can help. Use storage under your bed and choose furniture that does more than one job.

If you have things you don't use often, consider a self-storage service like Denix Moving. This can keep your home tidy and your things safe. With good space management, your place will be great for both studying and chilling. Here's a look at the benefits of different storage methods:

Storage Option


Under-bed Storage

Maximises use of space, keeps items accessible

Over-the-Door Organisers

Utilises vertical space, perfect for small accessories

Self-Storage Units

Secure storage for infrequently used items, declutters living area

Following these tips can make your living space neat and comfy. Good organisation will make your time at uni better.

Ready to Move?

Moving to university is a big step in our lives, full of excitement and chances. Being prepared helps lower stress and makes the move easier. This guide helps students handle moving well, making sure their new place is comfy and neat.

Our advice focuses on planning and using storage smartly. From checklists to good packing items, every part aims to simplify moving. Picking what you need and smart packing are key to a smooth start.

Using self-storage, like Denix Moving, is also a great idea for extra stuff. This kind of storage keeps seasonal things safe, saving space for daily items. By including these storage tips, starting university becomes more fun and smooth. It helps to pave the way for an organised and successful student life.

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