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Top Questions to Ask When Renting a Storage Unit

Did you know the United Kingdom has over 1,500 self-storage sites? These cover 45.6 million square feet. This fact shows how big the storage industry is. It also means more people need storage for their things. 

When looking to rent a storage unit, it's important to ask the right questions. You're trusting this place with your stuff. It must be safe, easy to get to, and well looked after. Choosing the best storage facility needs smart thinking. You should focus on what you need. This includes knowing the cost and how they keep your things safe. We'll help you ask the important questions. This way, you'll find the perfect place to keep your valued items safely.

Key Questions

Unit Details:

  • What unit sizes do you offer? (Make sure they have a size that fits your needs)

  • Do you have climate-controlled units available? (Important if you're storing sensitive items)

  • What is the monthly rental cost for each unit size?

  • Is there a security deposit required, and is it refundable?

Cost Breakdown:

  • Are there any additional fees besides the monthly rent? (Ask about administrative fees, insurance, etc.)

  • Do you offer any move-in specials or discounts? (It's always worth checking for deals!)

  • What are the payment terms? (Monthly, quarterly, etc.)

  • What happens if I need to vacate the unit early? (Are there penalties?)


  • What security measures are in place to protect my belongings? (24/7 surveillance, gated access, individual unit alarms, etc.)

  • Is the facility well-lit at night?

  • Do you offer insurance for stored items, and is it mandatory?


  • What are the facility's access hours? (24/7 access, limited hours, etc.)

  • Do I need to schedule access in advance?

  • Are there any restrictions on when I can access my unit?

Additional Services:

  • Do you offer packing supplies or moving assistance?

  • Do you have a loading dock or other amenities to help with moving in?

  • Do you offer online bill pay or autopay options?

Assessing Your Requirements for a Storage Unit

Picking the right storage unit ensures your things stay safe and easy to get to. We look at a few important things: size, how long you'll need it, where it is, and if it's climate-controlled. This info will help you choose the best one for you.

Determining the Size and Type of the Storage Unit Needed

First, think about what you're storing and how much. For big items, you might need a 10x20 feet space. But for smaller stuff, a 5x5 or 5x10 might be enough. Also, think about if your items need special care, like climate control.

Understanding the Length of Storage Required

How long you'll need the unit affects your options and costs. You can get storage for a few weeks up to several years. Long-term storage is usually cheaper.

Evaluating the Importance of Location and Accessibility

Choosing a unit close to your home is handy for regular visits. But, units in the city can be more expensive. It's about picking a balance between convenience and cost.

Considering the Need for Climate-Controlled Storage

Some items need special care. Things like electronics, artwork, or antique furniture should be in a climate-controlled unit. It keeps the temperature and humidity steady to protect them.

Storage Unit Type

Suitable for

Typical Size (feet)

Best used for duration

Standard Unit

General household items

5x10, 10x20

Short-term or long-term

Drive-Up Access Unit

Large items, frequent access needed

10x15, 10x30

Short-term or long-term

Climate-Controlled Unit

Sensitive or high-value items

5x5, 10x10


Storage Unit Costs and Financial Considerations

Thinking about getting a storage unit means knowing all the costs. It's not just the monthly rent you pay. There are deposits, hidden fees, and extra costs you might face. We'll guide you through these to avoid surprises.

The main thing to look at is the rental rate. This changes with the unit's size, where it is, and its extras like climate control. You'll also usually have to pay a deposit. This is like a security fee and is given back if the unit isn't damaged.

But watch out for hidden fees. They could be for admin work, late payments, or for special things like climate control or extra security.

Cost Type


Typical Impact on Overall Cost

Rental Rate

Monthly charge based on unit size and features

Main cost, directly correlates to storage unit specifications


Security measure, refundable under terms of agreement

One-off payment, returned at end of rental period barring any damages

Hidden Fees

Can include administrative, insurance, or special service fees

Additional costs, may be one-off or recurring

It's key to be aware of these financial considerations before picking a storage unit. Make sure to get a clear list of all costs. Ask if what you see at first includes the extra charges. This way, you won't be in for any surprises. You'll find the right storage for you that's also good for your wallet.

Security Measures: Ensuring Your Belongings Are Safe

Choosing a storage place means making sure your stuff is secure. It's about more than just a lock. Good security needs cameras, lights, and a clean environment.

Investigating the Surveillance and Monitoring Systems

Start by checking out the surveillance systems. Make sure they have high-quality cameras, access gates, and good lighting, especially at night. These not only scare off troublemakers but also record any unwanted visits. This keeps your things safe and your mind at ease.

Gauge the Facility's Cleanliness and Maintenance Standards

A clean place is key to keeping pests away and your items safe. Look for signs they regularly handle pest control to stop bugs and rodents. Clean facilities show they care. This means your storage is well looked after, making sure your items are safe for longer.

Access to Your Items: Convenience and Restrictions

When looking at a storage unit, it's key to know the facility hours and possible access restrictions. Different places might have very different times for when you can get in. It's vital to pick what suits you best. Here is a guide to help:

  • 24/7 Storage Unit Access: Some places are open all the time. You can get or put away your stuff whenever you need. This is excellent for those with odd work hours or who often need to grab their things without much notice.

  • Restricted Access Hours: Others might only be open during common business hours, like 9 AM to 5 PM. On weekends, times could change. Some might be open every day, while others are closed or have limited hours.

  • Special Access Considerations: Very secure sites may have more rules. You might need to tell them before you come, or they might only let you in at certain times. This extra security is to protect what you store.

It's vital to know the difference between when the office is open for talking to staff and the actual times you can use your storage. This helps avoid any issues, making sure the place you choose fits your access needs well.

Think carefully about how these storage unit access and facility hours fit your life. Picking a place that's open when you need it can make using storage much better.

Additional Services and Amenities

Looking for a storage place? It's smart to think about more than just the basics. Special services and customer referral programmes can make storing your stuff easier and cheaper. They add value to your storage experience.

  • Climate-Controlled Units: These are must-haves for items that need certain temperatures to stay undamaged.

  • RV Wash Bays: Perfect for people with RVs who want an easy way to keep their vehicles clean.

  • Wyle Storage Solutions: They have units designed to keep wines at their best.

  • Business Centers: Spaces available for meetings or to sort out your storage paperwork.

By carefully checking out what services are available, you can get the most out of your storage. This makes your storage more than just a place to keep things; it turns into a useful resource. Also, by joining referral programmes, both you and your friends might get some perks. This shows the extra value of picking the right storage place.




Online Bill Pay

Allows payment transactions via the internet.

Convenience and time-saving.

Auto Pay Options

Automates monthly payments to avoid late fees.

Ensures timely payments and peace of mind.

Storage Insurance

Optional or required add-on to protect stored items.

Security and protection against potential loss.

Exploring special services and referral programmes can make your storage experience better. Whether you need somewhere safe for your valuable wine or just your household items, these extra services can really help.|

Storage Unit Questions: What to Inquire Before Committing

Before putting your items in a storage unit, it's vital to ask the right questions. This step can prevent problems and save money later. Denix Moving can help you understand your options and choose a service that fits your needs.

Inquiring About Fees Beyond the Monthly Rent

Start your search by understanding all the costs involved. You might find a storage unit that looks cheap at first. But, be sure to check for extra fees like administrative costs or necessary insurance. Asking about these upfront lets you know the total cost from the beginning.

Understanding Special Offers and Customer Referral Programmes

Look out for deals and referrals that can save you money. These offers can make storing your items a better experience. Make sure you know the terms and any deadlines that may come with these deals.

Checking the Option for Coverage on Stored Items

Ensuring your stored items are covered by insurance is also key. Check if your current home insurance applies to storage or if the facility offers its own. This step can give you peace of mind while your items are in storage.

Ready for Peace of Mind? We've Got Your Storage Covered!

Choosing the right storage unit can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By asking the right questions and understanding your options, you can ensure your belongings are safe, secure, and easily accessible.

That's where we come in. At Denix Moving, we're dedicated to providing top-notch storage solutions in London that cater to your unique needs. Whether you're moving house, downsizing, or just need a little extra space, our range of storage options can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Why not reach out to us today to learn more about how our secure and convenient storage facilities can give you peace of mind? We're here to help you make the best decision for your belongings.

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