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What Can Businesses Store in Storage?

Updated: May 29

If your business has not used storage services before, you may be wondering what type of things you can store? Our expert team of storage experts offer up some of the main uses of business storage.

1. Filing and Documents

Your team can store old files, documents, and records in a secure off-site location. This not only frees up valuable office space but also ensures that important information is easily accessible when needed. It's a win-win for both tidiness and productivity.

2. Seasonal Stock or Decorations

Every business experiences the ebb and flow of seasons, and with that comes the challenge of managing seasonal stock or decorations. Instead of cluttering precious office space with Christmas decorations in July or summer stock in the winter, consider using storage.

3. Exhibition Materials

For businesses that frequently participate in exhibitions, trade shows, or events, managing the logistics of exhibition materials can be a nightmare. Consider safely stowing away banners, promotional materials, and booth displays during the downtime, ensuring they're in pristine condition and ready to make a splash at the next big event.

4. Additional Stock

For retailers or businesses dealing with physical products, having additional stock on hand is a common practice. Instead of cramming your storeroom to the brim, consider storing excess inventory off-site.

5. Office Furniture

Office renovations, relocations, or simply a change in decor can leave you with surplus office furniture. Rather than parting with perfectly good desks, chairs, or filing cabinets, store them. It's a cost-effective way to retain valuable assets for future use without sacrificing the aesthetics or functionality of your current workspace.

6. Electronics and Equipment

As technology advances, businesses often find themselves with outdated electronics or surplus equipment. Instead of letting these items gather dust in your office, store them securely. This not only declutters your workspace but also preserves the lifespan of the equipment for potential future use or resale.

7. Marketing and Promotional Materials

Got a surplus of branded merchandise or promotional materials like boxes and boxes of your latest brochure? Store them in a dedicated space until the next marketing campaign or promotional event. It's a strategic way to keep your branding materials organised and ready for action.

The Benefits Are Clear

The advantages of using storage for businesses are clear:

  • Find your space: Focus on what matters most in your workspace without the distraction of unnecessary items cluttering things up.

  • Organisation and accessibility: Easily locate and retrieve stored items when needed, enhancing your companies .

  • Cost-effective Avoid the need for larger office spaces or costly warehouse rentals by using storage services.

  • Preservation of assets: Keep valuable items in optimal condition for future use, whether it's furniture, electronics, or promotional materials.

  • Flexible solutions for growth: Scale your storage needs as your business grows, adapting to changing requirements seamlessly.

Why Denix Moving for your storage needs? Our award-winning service, coupled with cost-effective storage starting at just £3 per square foot, makes us the ideal partner for your storage needs. Not only that - we do all the legwork too! From collecting your items to delivering them back the moment you need them.

Contact us today and see how our friendly team can help your business.

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