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What You Can Safely Store in Storage

Updated: May 15

Generally, dry, durable goods fare best in storage. This includes furniture, appliances, business documents, and family heirlooms. However, perishable items, hazardous materials, and anything that attracts pests should be excluded to ensure the safety and longevity of your stored belongings.

Serviced storage is the ideal solution for families and homeowners who are in the midst of a house move or renovation project. But are you unsure of what items you can safely store in storage units? Well, Denix Moving’s storage experts have answered what you shouldn’t store in storage, and now we’ll discuss what you can store in storage.

Whether you're involved in a protracted house move, downsizing, renovating, or just in need of extra space, understanding what you can safely store in a storage unit is key to ensure you save money on both storage costs and replacing damaged stored items. Let's explore the types of items that are safely storable. 

1. Furniture

From sofas and chairs to dressers and tables, furniture is a common and safe item to store. To maximise space, disassemble larger pieces when possible and cover items with protective materials to prevent dust and scratches.

2. Household Appliances

Kitchen appliances, such as microwaves, blenders, and coffee makers, can be safely stored. Ensure they are clean and dry before storage to prevent mould or unpleasant odours from occuring.

3. Clothing and Bedding

Seasonal clothing, extra linens, and bedding items can be neatly stored in your unit. Consider using vacuum-sealed bags to maximise space and protect items from dust and moisture.

4. Books and Documents

Books, documents, and important papers can be safely stored in climate-controlled storage units. Use sturdy boxes and consider shelving to keep items organised and easily accessible.

5. Electronics

Electronics such as TVs, stereos, and gaming consoles can be stored safely. Remember to remove batteries from devices to prevent corrosion and potential damage to these items.

6. Collectibles and Memorabilia

Collections, antiques, and memorabilia can find a secure home in storage. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, and use sturdy boxes to protect them from potential breakage.

7. Sporting Equipment

Bicycles, golf clubs, camping gear, and other sporting equipment can be safely stored. Clean and properly prepare items for storage to prevent damage over time.

8. Toys and Games

Children's toys, board games, and hobby items can be stored safely. Keep small pieces together in labelled containers to make retrieval easy when needed.

9. Seasonal Decorations

Holiday decorations, including ornaments, lights, and seasonal displays, are ideal for storage. Keep delicate items protected with proper packing materials.

10. Musical Instruments

Instruments like guitars, keyboards, or brass instruments can be safely stored. Place them in cases or padded bags to protect against dust and potential scratches.

11. Tools and Equipment

Gardening tools, power tools, and other equipment can be stored securely. Clean and lubricate tools before storage to prevent rust.

12. Household Goods

Dishes, glassware, and other kitchen items are suitable for storage. Wrap fragile items individually and pack them in sturdy boxes to prevent breakage.

13. Mattresses and Bed Frames

Mattresses and bed frames can be stored safely by covering them with protective materials. Ensure they are properly supported to maintain their shape.

14. Bicycles and Outdoor Gear

Bicycles, camping gear, and other outdoor equipment can be safely stored. Clean and lubricate items before storage to prolong their lifespan.

15. Non-Perishable Food Items

Non-perishable food items, such as canned goods and sealed packages, can be stored safely. Ensure items are sealed and properly labelled.

Understanding what you can safely store in a storage unit opens the door to a world of possibilities for decluttering, and organising your living space.

From furniture and household items to electronics and collectibles, a well-maintained storage unit provides a secure haven for a diverse range of belongings.

Always check with our storage experts for any specific guidelines or restrictions to ensure a smooth and worry-free storage experience.

Here at Denix Moving, we do all the legwork for you - we can pack up your items, store them securely and deliver them back to you, when you want, saving you both time and money.

Find out more about our personal storage service today. 

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