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Best Places to Live in North London

Updated: Jun 18

Did you know over 1 million people live in North London? This area is bustling and full of life. It has many neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm and lifestyle offerings. Whether you fancy a sleek modern apartment or a charming historic townhouse, you won’t be disappointed in North London's property choices.

Living in North London means you're well-connected to Central London. Yet, you enjoy the peace of numerous green spaces and the buzz from lively local communities. Places like

Camden with its eclectic markets, or Hampstead, known for its beautiful scenery, offer something for everyone.

Camden is great for those who love art and markets. It bustles with energy and is perfect for young professionals. On the other hand, Hampstead is a quiet paradise with vast parks. It’s ideal for those who want a mix of city life and nature. Then we have Highgate, a truly unique place. It feels like a village with its quiet streets and old architecture in the heart of the city.

Key Takeaways

  • North London living offers a diverse array of neighbourhoods, each with unique charm and appeal.

  • A wide range of North London properties ensures there’s an ideal home for every budget and lifestyle.

  • Excellent transport links make residing in North London convenient for commuting to Central London.

  • Camden is perfect for those seeking a vibrant cultural scene and lively markets.

  • Hampstead provides a serene retreat with abundant green spaces and historic homes.

  • Highgate offers a village feel with a strong sense of community and historic architecture.

Introduction to North London Living

North London is a great place with a mix of city life and quiet areas. It's loved by people of all ages and backgrounds. You'll find lots of markets, parks, and old pubs, making it rich in culture.

Moving around North London is easy, thanks to its great transport links. This makes getting to the city's main spots quick. Whether you enjoy lively Camden or peaceful Hampstead, each part has its own charm.

The area is full of diverse communities where everyone feels welcome. There are many local spots like cool coffee shops and good schools. This helps create a strong sense of togetherness.

In North London, you'll never run out of things to do. You can visit beautiful places like Highgate Cemetery or the lively Camden Market. There are also plenty of parks for outdoor lovers.

There are many housing options in North London, for buying or renting. Its mix of old and new buildings is well known. Choosing to live here means enjoying the city's culture and fun activities.

Camden: The Hub of Culture and Arts

Camden is a cultural hotspot in North London. It's perfect for those who love vibrant markets, art, or good transport. Here, you'll find something special for you.

A Variety of Properties

Camden has homes for all tastes and budgets. You can choose from trendy flats to big townhouses. This area suits young professionals in the city and families wanting a classic home.

Excellent Transport Connectivity

Getting around Camden is easy. You can walk to key spots like King's Cross in 20 minutes. Or take the Northern Line to places like Euston fast. These good transport links are great for anyone who travels a lot.

Historic and Iconic Markets

Camden is famous for its markets. They're key parts of the local culture. Here, you can find everything from delicious street food to one-of-a-kind clothes. The lively market scenes make Camden an amazing place to discover and buy things.



Property Types

Stylish Apartments, Sizeable Townhouses

Transport Connectivity

King's Cross: 20 min walk, Northern Line to Euston

Local Attractions

Iconic Markets, Regent's Canal

Cultural Appeal

Vibrant Arts Scene, Eclectic Community

Hampstead: The Picturesque Retreat

Hampstead is a beautiful part of North London. It's surrounded by the large, peaceful

Hampstead Heath. Here, you'll find lovely bookshops, old pubs, and the Hampstead Community Market. These places make daily chores enjoyable.

People who love nature will enjoy Hampstead's beauty. Walking in Hampstead Heath, you're away from the city's noise. It has meadows, woods, and ponds. This is a perfect place for families, couples, and anyone who loves nature.

In Hampstead, you'll see many Georgian and Edwardian houses. These old-style homes not only look great but also show the area's long history. Living here means being part of Hampstead's rich heritage.

Although Hampstead is peaceful, it has great transport links. The Northern Line connects you fast to Euston Station. This means quick trips to London's heart are easy, giving you both city life and the country.



Local Attractions

Hampstead Heath, cosy bookstores, traditional pubs


Predominantly Georgian and Edwardian houses

Transport Links

Northern Line connection to Euston Station


Abundant North London greenery

If you love nature or old houses, Hampstead is the place for you. Its unique mix of city style and countryside beauty makes it special.

Highgate: A Village Atmosphere

In the heart of London, Highgate stands out. It brings a mix of old charm and new comfort. Along its high street, you'll find family shops and friendly cafes, creating a perfect living space.

Community and Family-Run Businesses

Highgate is known for its local shops and historic pubs. People from North London love these spots. They add a personal touch to shopping and boost community life.

Historical Charm

Highgate's old houses are a big part of its beauty. These homes have been here for ages. They're updated inside to fit today's needs but keep their historic beauty.

Outdoor Spaces

Highgate is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. Waterlow Park is a calm place for walks, picnics, or quiet evenings. And, being close to Hampstead Heath means more nature and open air for everyone.

Archway: Up and Coming

In North London, Archway is emerging as a lively, young area. It's known for its mix of chic cafés, bars, and global restaurants. This area is great for both young professionals and families looking for fun and easy living.

Cool Cafés and Bars

Archway is filled with unique cafés and bars that give it its special feel. There are places for great coffee and bars perfect for drinks with friends. For example, Bread and Bean is a comfy café, and The Spoke is a fun bar that's popular in the evening.

Convenient Living

Living in Archway offers many perks, especially for those finding their Archway property. The community enjoys events at the Archway Square events space all year. It's well-connected by the Northern Line, great for professionals heading to different parts of London.

This part of North London has seen big improvements, becoming more vibrant. It combines city life with a warm community spirit.



Cafés & Bars

Bread and Bean, The Spoke


Northern Line to King's Cross & Central London

Community Events

Year-round activities in Archway Square

Finsbury Park: A Cool Social Scene

Finsbury Park is a lively place that offers a great mix of city life and nature. It has a large green area perfect for outdoor activities like boating and tennis. The park is ideal for both relaxing and having fun.

Living in Finsbury Park means you can enjoy a range of homes, from old to new. The area is well-known for its Victorian houses and modern flats. This means there's something for everyone.

The transport links in Finsbury Park are top-notch, with the Piccadilly and Victoria lines nearby. This makes it easy to travel within London and to other important spots. Getting around the city from here is very simple.

Finsbury Park is also famous for its exciting festivals all year round. Events like the Wireless Festival bring music fans and culture lovers together. These events add a lot of energy to the area, making it a fun place to live. In addition to the festivals, there are plenty of options for fun and leisure in the park and surrounding area. This creates a unique mix of city living and social excitement.

Swiss Cottage: Leafy and Quiet

Swiss Cottage is at the heart of quiet, leafy London. It stands out in a city famous for its busyness. This part of North London is loved for being peaceful and feeling like a real community.

Suburban Community Vibe

This area feels like a peaceful retreat. With its green parks and pretty houses, it's ideal for both families and those working in the city. Places like Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill are close by, perfect for enjoying nature.

Excellent Transport Links

Swiss Cottage has great transport links to central London. The tube from Swiss Cottage to Bond Street takes only 15 minutes. It's a top choice for anyone who wants to be near the city but live in a calm area. And, with Cycle Superhighway 11 on the way, it’s getting even better for cyclists.

Crouch End: A Green Retreat

Just 5 miles from central London, Crouch End is a peaceful yet lively village. It's perfect for those who love London but also crave green spaces. The area is packed with parks and gardens, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts. It's also a hub for the arts, with indie cinemas and performance spaces.

Crouch End boasts a mix of historic homes and new buildings. This variety means there's something for everyone when it comes to living spaces. While it's not directly on the underground, getting around is easy. The overground trains and the W7 bus link to the city, making travel smooth.

If you love the arts or seek a peaceful, green corner in the city, Crouch End is ideal. It combines the charm of a village with the energy of London. This blend makes it a distinctive and attractive spot in the heart of North London.



Overground Train Services

Rapid commuting options into central London

W7 Bus Service

Frequent and reliable public transport

Green Spaces

Ample parks and gardens for recreation

Arts Scene

Independent cinemas and performance venues


Blend of period houses and new developments

Muswell Hill: Quiet and Charming

Muswell Hill sits in North London's greenery. It's known for its old, pretty houses from the Edwardian era. Here, lovers of historic homes find a wealth of well-kept properties.

Beautiful Architecture

The area mixes Victorian and Edwardian house styles. The old buildings have fancy fronts and lots of small details. They mix with new buildings, blending history and today's needs.

Excellent Local Amenities

Living in Muswell Hill means having a lot close by. There are small shops and cafes on the main street. Plus, it's near a big park and not far from a famous hall that has events.

No tube station around? No problem. Buses are plenty and run well. This makes getting around easy every day.

With its beautiful buildings, lots to do, and strong community, Muswell Hill is a top spot in North London.

West Hampstead: Family-Friendly and Convenient

West Hampstead is a great mix of countryside peace and city life. Families love it here. It's full of life, thanks to the local shops and the friendly vibe. This makes everyone feel like they belong.

Community Vibe

The community spirit in West Hampstead is strong. You'll find small shops, cafes, and family stores in every corner. Many events bring people together. This creates a place where everyone is welcome.

Transport and Connectivity

Getting around from West Hampstead is easy. The local tube and overground stations are close and famous for taking you to Central London fast. They also connect you to important places like King's Cross easily.

Most homes in West Hampstead are from the Victorian or Edwardian era. They offer a mix of old charm and new comforts. These homes are perfect for those who want a lot of space and character while staying close to the city.



Community Character

Rich community vibe with local events, cafés, and stores

Transport Links

Jubilee Line, Thameslink services, and overground options

Housing Options

Predominantly Victorian and Edwardian houses with modern amenities


Convenient access to Central London and surrounding areas

Ready for Your North London Move?

North London is full of unique neighbourhoods, each with its own charm. You can enjoy the lively culture in Camden, the sport in Islington or the wonders of Shoreditch. For those seeking quiet, there are the green havens of Muswell Hill and Swiss Cottage. Each area has something special to offer.

For an easy move into North London, consider Denix Moving's North London removal services. Our expert movers make moving stress-free, helping you settle in smoothly. This guide is here to help you explore and enjoy North London as you start your new chapter.

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